Buy Back

Here at GarmGems, we focus on sustainability, the re-use of garments and increasing circularity within fashion. We also understand how highly people value their time. Therefore, we have introduced our brand new 'Buy Back' scheme! This allows you to receive up to 50% of your item's original purchase price from us back as store credit if you choose for us to Buy it Back!


What are some benefits of using 'Buy Back'?

1. No wasted time trying to take good pictures of your items and listing them on various marketplaces in attempts to sell them.

2. No marketplace selling fees!

3. We provide you with an instant cash offer for your items, making the process of selling super quick and easy!

4. Saves you money on your future purchases with us!

5. We can refurbish the item, helping to pro-long its lifespan and allowing us to sell the item to a new customer for them to enjoy it!


Our new 'Buy Back' service helps achieve our mission of promoting sustainability, re-using garments and switching fashion into a circular economy, whilst also providing our customers with a time-efficient easy method to help rotate their wardrobe!


How do I use 'Buy Back'?

Simply message us on Instagram @GarmGems stating that you want to use the 'Buy Back' service. We will respond ASAP with a few questions before providing you with your instant store credit cash offer! If you choose to accept, simply post the item to us and we issue your store credit. Its that simple!