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    WatchModSquad believes that a great watch does not have to come with a high price-tag. WatchModSquad create fully custom built watches that pay homage to timeless designs and classic styles that watch enthusiasts love at affordable prices starting from as little as £199.99! GarmGems has partnered with WatchModSquad, bringing you their full catalogue below.

    11 products
    WatchModSquad Watch Roll GarmGems
    Watch Roll
    from £69.99
    WatchModSquad Protective Travel Box GarmGems
    Watch Zip Box
    from £49.99
    WatchModSquad Watch Travel Case GarmGems
    Watch Travel Case
    Custom Built Santos GarmGems
    Custom Built Santos
    from £249.99
    Custom Built Speedmaster Homage GarmGems
    Custom Built Speedmaster Homage
    from £199.99
    Custom Built Nautilus Homage GarmGems
    Custom Built Nautilus Homage
    from £199.99
    Custom Built Submariner GarmGems
    Custom Built Submariner Homage
    from £199.99
    Custom Built GMT-Master II GarmGems
    Custom Built GMT-Master II Homage
    from £199.99
    Custom Built Black Bay GarmGems
    Custom Built Black Bay Homage
    from £199.99
    Custom Built Explorer II Homage GarmGems
    Custom Built Explorer II Homage
    from £199.99
    Custom Built Explorer GarmGems
    Custom Built Explorer Homage
    from £199.99